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The online training and education from Cleaners University is the perfect opportunity to start your new pressure washing business off on the right foot or to take your current pressure washing business to the next level. You will learn everything you need to know in courses that cover topics from house washing, plant and property protection, and even website creation/optimization and marketing.

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All members have access to the forums and personal support, where they can get help with a specific course, quiz, or assignment. The support and forums are also available even after you complete the course. Our community of members and instructors are always willing to assist with business related questions, equipment usage, or any other post-training support you may need.

making your business more successful

Cleaners University not only gives you the knowledge you need to efficiently and effectively pressure wash, it also gives you the tools and insight you will need to make your own pressure washing business a success. From preparing a quote and closing a sale to customer follows ups and website marketing, Cleaners University is the best investment you can make.

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