Time to get busy and wash a house. But HOW?  In this course I go over the details of what you need to know to wash a house.  This will be as close to on the job training as you can get. With 13 video's and a quiz at the end, this course will prepare you for your first House Wash.  This course will drastically cut your learning curve and put you on path for operating a successful business. 

Please note you have two weeks from the time you register and pay for this course to complete it.  Once the two weeks have expired the course is not accessible again.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    House Washing 301 On The Job

    • House Washing On The Job Video #1

    • House Washing On The Job Training #2

    • House Wash On The Job Training #3

    • Oxidation Testing

    • Cob Web Duster

    • Testing for Oxidation

    • Rinsing Bug Debris From Vinyl

    • Using an Adjustable Wand on Brick

    • Cleaning Vinyl Siding

    • Get the lip first

    • Removing Fire Soot

    • Pay Attention to Surroundings

    • House Washing 301 Quiz

About the instructor

Head Instructor

Doug Rucker

Hi, I'm Doug Rucker, head instructor for Cleaners University and Doug Rucker's School based in Houston Texas.  I have been in the exterior cleaning business for over 30 years and currently own and operate Clean and Green Solutions.  Clean and Green Solutions is a Houston Texas Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning company.  In 2011, after seeing many "newbies" try to get basic questions answered on various social media outlets, I started Doug Rucker's Pressure Washing, Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning school,  This pressure washing school was started as way to help people desiring to start and operate an exterior cleaning business.  It is my hope that  Cleaners University will help you begin your journey to building a successful and sustainable exterior cleaning business.  If I can ever help you in any way, please call or text me at 2818833630 or by email at cleanersuniversity@gmail.comThanks so much for taking the time to expand your education into the field you are starting business in.  It is the smartest decision you will make.Doug RuckerHead Instructor

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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest...Benjamin Franklin

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